Mizo Dan hremi Thleng sang te

Mizo te hi india rama kan thlen san loh thin zia sawi a ni nasa a, kan chheh vel hnamte chu heti kawnga kan tlukloh dan te pawh kan sawi nasa a. Thenkhat chuan, kan smart tawk loh vangahte kan puh deuh fo a. Mizo zinga smart a te hi chu smart tak an ni hian ka hre thin a.

India rama Dinhmun sang chelh tur chuan, a kaihhnawih thil tam tak hi a awm ve a. Kan theihna leh thiamna chuan tlin mah se, duhsak tawklo vang te, a khelha kan khelh tawk loh vangtein Mizo te hi kan thleng sang hleithei lo zawk niin a lang thin.

Ka rilru-ah chuan, “Kan la awm ve em em ang” tih hi a awm thin a.

Tun hnaiah Mizo fate zing atangin High Court Chief Justice kan nei ve ta der mai a. A lawmawm hle  a ni. Additional Judge kan nei bawk a. Mi dang pakhat chu Judge atana dah chhoh a nih thuai a beisei awm hle a ni.

High Court Judge ni tur hian

  1. India khua leh tui nih angaia.
  2. Eng Court emaw berah Kum 10 tal Judge lo ni tawh a nih angai a.
  3. Kum 10 tal High court a advocate hna lo thawk tawh an ruat thei bawk a
  4. President-in Jurist tha chungchuanga a ngaih a nihin.

High Court a Judge han ni thei pahnih kan neih mekte chanchin tawi ka han tarlang teh ang:-

  1. T. VAIPHEI: 2003 khan High Court Additional Judge atan dah a ni a 2005-ah permanent Judge atana dah a ni a. Kuminah Chief Justice a ni ta hial a ni.

    A hnuaia biography hi Tripura High Court Website a mi a ni a, a ziah ang ang hian kan tarlang mai ange.

    Born on 01.03.1956. Passed B.A. in 1976 from Nowrosjee Wadia College, University of Poona. Obtained LL.B. Degree from Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi in 1979. Enrolled in the Bar Council of Assam on 22nd August 1980. Started law practice in the Courts of the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Munsiff and Deputy Commissioner/District Magistrate in Churachandpur District of Manipur in the year 1980. Started appearance in the Court of District & Sessions Judge, Manipur in Criminal and Civil cases both in the Original and Civil sides in the year 1983 and also before the Revenue Tribunal and Motor Accident Claim Tribunal, Manipur. Specialized in Constitutional Law, Public Law and Service Matter. Started practicing in the Imphal Bench of the Gauhati High Court in 1990. Acted as Conciliator in the State as well as District level Lok Adalats in Manipur in 1989, 1992 and 1994. Shifted place of practice to Mizoram in 1997. Empanelled as Defence Pleader in Mizoram on 16th October, 1998. Appointed as Asstt. Advocate General of Mizoram on 12th February, 1999 and as Public prosecutor for High Court on 8th March, 1999. Further, appointed as Public Prosecutor for Aizawl District and Essential Commodities Act on 8th April 1999 & 14th June 1999 respectively and also acted as Prosecuting Counsel for Court Martial Proceedings, Assam Rifles, Aizwal in the year 1999. Appointed as Addl. Advocate General, Mizoram on 15th September, 2000. Designated as Senior Advocate on 22nd February, 2001. Appointed as Legal Advisor of the Mizoram Co-operative Apex Bank on 9th February, 2001. Elevated to the Bench as Additional Judge, Gauhati High Court on 17.07.2003 and was made Permanent Judge on 28.02.2005, thereafter appointed as Chief Justice (Acting) on 21.10.2015.

      His Lordship on transfer took oath as the Judge of High Court of Tripura on 16.05.2016 and thereafter appointed as the Chief Justice (Acting) of the High Court of Tripura w.e.f. 16.05.2016.

  2. MICHAEL ZOTHANKHUMA: A ni hi Pu P Rohmingthanga fapa a ni.
    Gauhati High court website-a an ziah dan ang ang hian.
    Born on 23.10.1965.
    Did schooling from St. Edmund’s School, Shillong.
    Obtained B.A. (Hons.) in English from Hindu College under Delhi University.
    Completed LL.B from Campus Law Centre under Delhi University.
    Designated as Senior Advocate on 06.09.2010.
    Elevated as Additional Judge, Gauhati High Court on 07.01.2015.

T. Vaiphei leh Michael Zothankhuma hi senior Advocate atanga lut chho an ni. Senior Advocate hi a hranpaa concerned High court-in emaw a ruat an ni.

Mizo fate hian kan tum a, kan peih a, kan taimak phawt chuan india ramah hian eng dinhmun mah hi kan thlen phak loh tur hi a awm lo reng reng a. kan taimak tawk loh vangte, kan nun awlsam vangte, ho te te a hun khawhral kan chin avangin kan thlen tur ang hi kan thleng lo fo zawk niin alang.

Ukil la naupangte ka hmelhriat pakhat hi, thil dang dang a ti kual a, mi experience te thusawi angai thla lo tih a hriat a, degree a neih avang khan thiamah a inngai ve mai a. Chiang taka hmuh theih erawh chu, basic a nei chhi a, Law concept ah a chau em em tih a hmuh theih a. A thleng thui dawn lo tawp tih a lang thei a ni.

Mi dang thurawn ngaihthlak te, Inzir peih te, thiama inngaih loh a, taima taka thiam hneh tura beih sauh sauh te hi a tul a ni.