Career Path of an IPS Officer

1. Training at SVPNPA

IPS hi all-India Service a ni a. UPSC Civil Services examination kal tlang a lak a ni. Indian Police Service tling chinte chuan Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA), Hyderabad-ah kum khat training an paltlang angai.
Heng physical activities hrang hrang te, weapons te leh thil dang dangah te leh IPC, Laws chi hrang hrang leh , social issues leh management-ah te training hi an paltlang a ni.

2. Probation
Training an zawh hnu hian anmahni state cadre theuhah an kal a. Assistant Superintendent of Police atanga bul taninan hlawh chu Pay Band 3 (Rs.15600 – 39,100) with Grade Pay of 5400 a ni.

3. Senior Time Scale
Kum 5 an service hnuin senior time scale an kai thei a. Additional Superintendent of Police emaw, khawpuia an awm chuan Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police an ni. Senior time scale-ah chuan , grade pay hi 6600 a ni.

4. Junior Administrative Grade
Kum 9 hnuah Junior Administrative Grade (JAG) an kai thei a. Hetah hi chuan management lam a ni tawh mah mah a.

Superintendent of Police (SP) emaw Deputy Commissioner (DC) of police an ni tawh thin a. JAG ah chuan , grade pay pawh 7600 a lo ni ta a. Scale 3 (15,600-39,100)-a pay grade sang ber a ni.


5. Selection Grade
Kum 13 service hnuah Selection grade hi kai theih a ni a. Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) emaw Additional Commissioner of Police emaw an ni ta thin.

Selection Grade atang chuan Pay Band 3 atangin PB 4 (37,400 – 67,000) a lo ni tawh a. Selection Grade-a Grade pay chu 8700 a ni.

6. Super Time Scale
Kum 14 hnu lamah Super Time Scale hi an kai thei a. Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) an lo ni ta a. Khawpui te deuhah phei chuan Commissioner of Police te pawh an ni ve thin. Grade pay hi 8900 a ni.

7. Senior Administrative Grade

Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) –ah hi chuan kum 18 service hnuah an kai thei chauh. Inspector General of Police (IG) an ni tawh thin a. Grade pay hi Rs 10000 a ni.

8. Higher Administrative Grade
Higher Administrative Grades (HAG) hi an service-ah thuneitute an lungawi chuan kum 25 hnuah an kai thei cauh. Additional Director General of Police an lo ni tawh a. Pay Band 5 scales (67000-79000)-ah an kai tawh a. Grade pay pawh Rs 12000 a ni.

9. Apex Scale
Kum 30 chin chunglam service chin, brilliant career record nei bawk hian Apex Scale (80000 fixed) an kai thei. Hemi scale han kai phate hi Director General of Police (DGP) an ni a, an state-a Police lu ber an ni Khawpui liana Police Commissioner an ni bawk. Apex Scale hi chu an kai pha vek lem lo.


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