(An old article written in 2018)

KEYWORDS: Sacrifice, Insurgents, duty, fight, death,  people, community, society, Family.

ABSTRACT: The police are required to perform numerous jobs with anonymity and mostly in an anonymous manner. They are the backbone of a civilization. A lot of sacrifices have to be made by them to keep the society move forward. One of the most peaceful states in India, Mizoram has endured insurgency periods in the course of its history. MNF insurgency (1966-1986) covered the whole of Mizoram, HPC (1989-1994), HPC D (1994-2018), BNLF (1997-2005) – covered only a specific portion of Mizoram. Largely due to the efforts of Mizoram Police Force, the society endures and returns to normalcy. 56 personnel of Mizoram Police had lost their lives and lots of the policemen suffered horrific physical and mental injuries in the line of duties. The sacrifices they made, their sweats, their bloods and their hard works ensured that the people of Mizoram live in an enduring peace.

Introduction: According to National Police Commission set up by the Government of India in 1977, the followings are the duties and responsibilities of the police:

i) To promote and preserve public order

ii) Investigate crimes

iii) Identify problems and situations that are likely lead to crimes;

iv) Reduce the opportunities for the commission of crimes through preven­tive patrol and other police measures;

v) Aid and cooperate with other relevant agencies in implementing appro­priate measures for prevention of crimes;

vi) Aid individuals who are in danger of physical harm;

vii) Create and maintain a feeling of security in the community;

viii) Facilitate orderly movement of people and vehicles;

ix) Counsel and resolve conflicts and promote amity;

x) Provide other appropriate services and provide relief to people in dis­tress; and

xi) Collect intelligence reports relating to matters affecting public peace and crimes in general including social and economic offences, national integrity and security.

In order to fulfill the duties delineate by the laws and expected by the people, the police personnel have to sacrifice a lot. They are the first line of defense against internal threats. Being in a police force requires sacrifices of their family lives, leisure time and even the ultimate price that is their life.

The supreme sacrifices of the police largely goes unnoticed due to continued indifference on part of the polity, media, society and other established institutions that cannot do without the police, and yet they don’t remember the police as it has been taken for that cops will selflessly continue to serve all institutions despite the non-recognition of the force to meet the expectations of one and all.

Such indifference and the functioning of the police today calls for a closer look at the state of affairs existing with the police force in India. Most unfortunately, the police have not got its due even though it is embedded in every segment of the country. It is a neglected lot and dismissed as corrupt, inefficient and not people-friendly. Such allegations could be partially true but arguably, we have not seen any visible and genuine attempts by the detractors and critics of the police to improve its image. None whatsoever!

This will be an attempt to honour and commemorate the sacrifices made by Police in the line of duty with particular references to the Mizoram Police.

Mizoram is a mountainous state nestling in the southern tip of the north-east region of India. Covered with verdant forests dominated by thick bamboo groves, teeming with vibrant wildlife, sheer cliffs and breath-taking waterfalls, dotted with unique landmarks of myriad folklores and picturesque villages of houses built on stilts, a land of dramatic seas of morning mists that enfold islands of hills and peaks, this is the land of the Highlanders, or the Mizo.

Standing aloof from the adjacent plains of Assam and the other neighboring states, Mizoram remains an exotic location sharing more than one-third of its boundary with Bangladesh and Myanmar and its capital, Aizawl is still one of the least-frequented cities in India. With a population of 1,091,014 only, it is one of the most sparsely-populated states. Mizoram has a moderate and pleasant climate throughout the year, and is an idyllic land of great natural beauty having rich variety of flora and fauna.


One of the most peaceful states in India, the state of Mizoram experiences Insurgency three times. The First one starts from 1966 and ended in 1986, it affects the whole of Mizoram. Mizo national Front took up arms in 1966 and laid down their arms on 30th June, 1986.

At the conclusion of Mizoram Peace Accord in 1986, Hmar People Convention was immediately started as the Hmar community was unhappy with the terms and conditions of the accord citing that there was nothing in store. For the first three years of its existence, demands were made by non-violent methods, and realizing that its resultant effects were not matching their demands. Hence, the HPC takes up arms on May 16, 1989 and a peace deal was brokered on July 27, 1994 resulting in the creation of SHDC (Sinlung Hills Development Council).

A faction of HPC, who were unhappy with the peace deal brokered in 1994 between the state of Mizoram and the HPC, started HPC (D) continued to engage in arms conflict with the State of Mizoram. A peace treaty was signed on 2018 ending all the insurgent activities in the states of Mizoram.

Besides the above insurgents activities by MNF, HPC, HPC(D), a bru insurgent group known as  BNLF were active from 1997-2015.

The HPC, HPC D and BNLF militant activities covered only a specific region and small parts of Mizoram. The HPC, HPC D, and BNLF demanded an autonomous district.

History of Mizoram Police:

The History of Mizoram Police can be divided into three periods

  1. The British Period (1890-1947): Modern System of policing was introduced to the Mizo’s after the British Government took over the Lushai Hills way back in the year 1890. The first Police Station was established in Aizawl in 1895. The Civilian Police was started on 1899. It was initially manned by 2 Sub inspectors and other ranks of 49 persons.
  2. As a Mizo District in Assam (1947-1972): In 1947, six (6) Police Stations sanctioned at Aizawl, Lunglei, Saiha, Kolasib, Champhai and Tlabung. The First Superintendent of Police was posted in 1960. A small CID Cell was started under the supervision of Dy. SP.
  3. As an independent Police Force (1972- ) Mizoram became union territory on 21.01.1972. Thus, Mizoram Police was born. I.J. Verma was the first IGP of Mizoram. 1st Battalion Mizoram Armed Police established in 1973. In 1986 Mizoram Attained Statehood, re-organization and up-gradation of Mizoram Police was done.  In 1998: Forensic Science Laboratory established. Mizoram Police has its own Police Act 92011), its own manual- Mizoram Police Manual-2005 and Mizoram Police Special Branch Manual.

Sacrifices made by Police personnel

In the course of History of Mizoram Police, 56 Police personnel have laid down their lives in the line of duty. From Constable to IGP, they earned glory with their lives.

Mizoram insurgency starts on 1.3.1966. The first Policeman who lost his life was SI Laldochhunga who was posted at CID (SB) on 25.3.1966, just 24 days after the starts of the insurgency. SI Zoramthara Khawlhring, Constable Hmangaihmawia and Driver C. Lalchuailova were the last ones to lose their lives in the line of duty. It was on March, 2015 while escorting Assurance Committee, Mizoram Legislative assembly; HPC (D) Militants ambushed them near Zokhawthiang Village. These three braves lost their lives in that ambushed.

It can spefically be stated that  56 Policemen lost their lives in the struggle against 4 insurgent groups such as MNF, HPC, HPC (D) and BNLF. Apart from the army’s help during the MNF insurgency period, against all the other insurgent groups such as HPC, HPC (D) and BNLF, the Mizoram Police Force fought alone. 56 of the laid down their lives and several others were injured. As result of the sacrifices made by the members of Mizoram Police Force, 15 President’s Police Medal for gallantry and 41 Police Medal for gallantry had been earned.

The most significant and high profile martyrdom by the Mizoram Police Personnel must have been the death of G.S. Arya, IPS, IGP Mizoram, K. Panchapagesan, IPS and L.B. Sewa, IPS. On 13.1.1975, G.S. Arya along with K. Panchapagesan and L.B. Sewa were having an important meeting in the office chamber of Gs Arya, IGP Mizoram. It was at the height of Insurgency of MNF. MNF militants namely SS Capt. Lalhleia, SS Capt Thangrehlova, SS Capt. Kapkima, SS corp. K. Zoramthanga and SS Pvt. C. Lalhmachhuana, attempt an abduction of the three officers. A fight ensued between the parties which led to the death of the three top officers of Mizoram Police. Their deaths in a way change the course of the insurgency and resulting in the gradual weakening of the MNF militant groups.

15 personnel of Mizoram Police lost their lives during the MNF insurgency and were decorated with 1 President Police medal for gallantry, 3 Police Medal for Gallantry.

During the active period of HPC as an insurgent group, 6 members of Mizoram Police laid down their lives in defense of the life, liberty and property of the people and two of them earned President’s Police Medal for gallantry, posthumously.

At the peak of Naxalite-Maoists insurgency, 2nd IR Mizo Battalion was deployed in Chhattisgarh for counter insurgency Operation from 2006-2008. During their two years deployment in the naxal affected areas, 10 of the personnel of 2nd IR Mizo battalion lost their lives. Since, 20.07.2009, 3rd IR Mizo Battalion has been deployed at Assam for Counter Insurgency Operations, and there has been no casualty in the fight against insurgents in Assam.

8 policemen lost their lives in the struggle against HPC (D) (1994-2018). 7 Police personnel were killed in the fight against BNLF (1997-2005).

I shall mention the incidents leading to the death of L/Nk P.C. Vanlalpeka as it falls  the category of cross-border terrorism. A Myanmar outfit, Chin national Army (CNA) enters the eastern part of Mizoram in the year 1996 and starts activities like extortion, Kidnapping, Murder, etc. A Mizoram Police Counter-insurgency operation team consisting of 12 (twelve) personnel including L/Nk P.C. Vanlalpeka was sent to launch an offensive and preventive operation in areas covering Champhai town and its satellite villages. On 4th August, 1996, an attempt was made by Peka’s team to rescue the hostage in the jungles of Champhai. The hostages were kept inside a hut in the middle of the forest. The police team attempts a rescue mission resulting in the fire fight between Mizoram Police Operation team and the CNA militants. Peka was shot at his forehead around 9:30 PM and died there. 

Some of the personnel of Mizoram police lost their lives in the fight PLA (Manipur Outfit) as well. Besides the loss of life, there are many policemen severely injured not only in the fight against the Insurgents, but during different moments in the day to day life.

The death of these 56 Policemen that were once part of Mizoram Police Force, who were killed in the line of duty, are reminders that police take great risks every day to keep our communities safe and are willing to sacrifice their life for those they serve.


Mizoram mostly being peaceful, the loss of life by the members of Mizoram Police is quite low as compared to Police force in other states of India. That does not mean that, no other sacrifices were made. The loss of life in the line of duty occurs during the period of Insurgencies. But the peace time sacrifices made by the Policemen were not in any way lesser. Their hard work, dedication, and sacrifices made possible peaceful atmosphere of Mizoram as it is today. 

Despite the chronic attitude of many and their skeptical view of the Police, the Mizoram police strive to maintain its duty as the Law requires it and as the people needs and deserved.

The sacrifices of the policemen may not be fully recognized by the people. It may not even be acknowledged even by those who directly benefitted through that sacrifice, the police keep standing on the ground for Duty, Honour and honour alone.

The words of Dr. Andrew L. Tang, trauma medical director for Banner-University Medical Center, rang in my mind while researching the story of the 56 policemen of Mizoram who died on the line of duty and let me quote it for the 56, for the survivors and for those who made sacrifice in the peace time, “In every society there are the givers and takers and those who sacrifice. Communities are built on the shoulders of those who sacrifice”. The Police lend strong shoulders upon which the Mizo society is built.


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(for Indian Police Journal, December 2018)


India ram thubuai rem dan (Criminal Justice System) kan tihah hian Khawvel hmun danga an la hman Jury System hi a awm thin a. Tun hnu hian a awm ve ta lo a. Chumi tibotu, nghawng chhuaktu chu, thubuai pakhat a awm a. Chu thubuai chu, vawiin thlenga titia la sawi a ni a. Tawitein, han sawi ve dawn ila.

Nanavati case an ti mai a. A case thawnthu hrim hrim a ngaihnawm a. A kaihhnawih thil dang pawh a ngaihnawm. Chipchiarin sawi lo ila.

A thubuai hming put chhan KM Nanavati hi Naval commander a nia…A nupui bialpa Prem Ahuja thata puh a nia…1959 ah trial hi an nei a.

Prem Ahuja leh sylvia nanavati kha an inngaizawng a…Commander nanavati kha naval assignment in a chhuak zing bawk si

Sylvia Nanavati chuan, a pasal then a…Ahuja neih a duh a…Prem Ahuja chuan, a lo kawp satliah mai mai a lo nih hmela. Sylvia-in. alaka a rilru puthmang ang kha a lo pu ve lem lo niin a lang.

Tumkhat chu commander nanavati lo hawng khan, a nupui chu amah hlat riau (aloof and distant)in a hria a, a ngaitha loin…a zawt ta a…

A nupui chuan thil diktak sawiin, Prem Ahuja nen a, an affiars kha sawi ta a…KM Nannavati hian a service pistolin a va kaphlum ta a ni. A kahhlum hmain, a nupui chu a nei duh angem, an fate pathum chu a fateah a pawm duh angem, tih a zawt a…Prem Ahuja chuan ‘Duhlo’ a lo ti sia..vawi thum a kap a…Chumi hnu chuan, western naval command-ah provost matshall hnenah a va in pe ta a ni. Chutichuan, thubuai chu an ngaihtuah chho ta a.

Hemi trialah hian culpable homicide leh murder chungchangah an in contest chho ta a. Tiang vel chuan a kal chho…Greater bombay session court jury khan 8-1 in section 302 IPc a an puhna chu ‘not guilty’ an ti ta a ni. Hei hi Jury system tih tawpna bul lo intanna chu a ni ta a ni.

302 IPC hmangin KM Nannavati chu thil ti suala puh a ni a. Nannavati te lam erawh chua, “A kaphlum ngei a…Murder erawh a nilo” an ti ve ta tlat a. an ti a nih chu..Section 300 IPC exception 1 leh 4 hian culpable homicide murder. anih loh ‘dan a sawi a
ukil te khan murder. anilo. Culpable homicide not amounting to murder’ a ni e, tiin an tang ta tlat sia. A technical a sin aw.

Session court atangin Bombay hight court ah an kai a. Bombay high court in life sentence a pe a. Bombay Governor chuan high court sentence chu a suspend a. Bombay governor order chu supreme court in a suspend ve leh a.A pui a sin. Chipchiar taka zir tham a ni.

Prem ahuja kha sindhi community a ni a. Sindhi community in 1963 kha ngaihdamna lehkha an ziak a. Governor of Bombay in a ngai dam..Nehru a farnu smt. vijayalaksmi pandit kha chutih laia Governor chu a ni.

Tan in atanga a chhuah hnu hian KM Nannavati hi, a nupui fanaute finin Canada-ah a kal ve zui ta a ni. 2003 khan a thi.

LAL ISUA ZUI MAN (the cost of discipleship – Bonheoffer thlirna)

“Tupawh a nu emaw, a pa emaw keimah aia hmangaih zawk chu, ka mi ni tlak a ni lo; tupawh a fanu emaw, a fapa emaw keimah aia hmangaih zawk pawh, ka mi ni tlak a ni lo. Tupawh a kraws pua mi zui lo chu, ka mi ni tlak a ni lo. Tupawh a nunna hmu chuan a chan ang a; keimah avanga a nunna chan chuan a hmu ang.” Mathaia 10:37-39

The Cost of Discipleship, Dietrich Bonhoeffer-a ziah hi a ngaihnawm em em mai a. Lehkhabu ropui a tling. A ziaktupa chanchin pawh a ngaihnawm. A hunlai kohhranin Hitler-a an do ngam lo te kha diklo a ti a. London atanga hawin, Hitlera do ngam kohhran awm chhun, Confessing Church pawh a din hial a. Lal Isua zirtirna anga sual a do avangin a nunna thlengin a chan phah ta hial zawk a ni. The Cost of Discipleship lekhabu hi tawitein I han thlir teh ang.


Mitinin hnathawh hrang hrang kan nei a, a then chu, sumdawng, a then sipai, a then kut hnathawk, a then roreltu- Lal Isua zui, a thu zawm tih hian kan tan engnge awmzia a neih ang. Tunlai khawvelah hian Lal isua khan eng angina nge awm se min duh ang? ‘Tlangchunga thusawi’ behchhan khan, Dietrich Bonhoeffer-a khan a chung a zawhna te khi he lehkhabuah hian a chhang a, a ngaihnawm hle.
Lal Isua zui man to zia sawiin, Lal Isua’n mi a kohin, “Lo kal la, thihna hmachhawn rawh” a ti a ni, tiin a ziak hial a ni.

He lehkhabu hi hlawm liah then a ni a, Hlawmkhatna chu ‘Khawngaihna leh zuitu nun’ a ti a. Hetah hian ‘Cheap grace’ leh ‘Costly Grace’ chungchang a sawi a. Cheap Grace chu simna tello inchhirna, Kohhran Inthunnuna ngai pawimawh miah loa kohhrana tel vena, Lal Isua zui tak tak tumlohna, kraws pu lo khawngaihna, Lal Isua thihna leh thawhlehna leh keimahnia a chenna tello khawngaihna, a nuam, hahdam leh keimahni mil zawnga thil herremna hi a ni a. (p. 45). Kum 80 vel bawr kal taa ziah ni mah se, vawiin thleng he thu hi a la dik a ni. Mizo Kristian tam takte chan pawh hi Cheap Grace hi a ni. “Chhandam tawh chu chhandam a ni reng” tih hmangsualin, zuitu nun hahdam kan thlang a. Kohhrana kan ngaihdan leh kohhran pawnlama kan ngaihdan a inletling thawk a. Kohhrana lucky ticket duhlo tuin, YMA-ah chuan, mihring ngai thoin lucky ticket kan buaipui leh tho si. “Costly grace” erawh chu, “Leia ro phum ruk; chumi chang tur chuan miin a neih zawng zawng a hralh phahna. Lungman tam, chumi man atana sumdawngin a bungrua a tihral vekna. Lal Isua thu zawm tlukna, Titlutu mit chu kher chhuahna, Lal Isua kohna avanga a sangha manna len lawng miin a kalsan chu a ni”, Bible-in khawngaihna a sawi tak tak, tuar tura kohna a ni ve thung. Mahni nun hial chan ngai a ni.

Chumi zawh chuan, Bonhoeffer-a chuan, Tlangchunga thusawi chungchang a khel chho zui ta a ni. Tawngtaina chungchang pawh sawiin, Pathian chu kan mamawh hre vektu a ni tih hrereng chunga dil tur a ni a ti (p. 165) Kristian nun chu, Thlarauin hmanraw awm thei ang zawng zawng hmanga tisa thilte a dona a ni, a ti. (p. 171). Chu induna chu hautak hle mah se, chutiang tura min kohna a nih avang chauh chuan, hnehtu kan ni thei a ni.

A then tawp ber dawttu hi “Thuchah kengtu”, tih a ni a. Matthaia 9:35-10:42, a sawizauna a ni a. Chanchintha hriltura kan mawhphurhna a chaina a ni. Pathian ringtu, Lal Isua thu kengtu kan nihna anga kan tawrh tur chu, chiang kek kawk takin a ziak a, “Nikin ni thlenga huat kan ni anga” “Sakhaw atchilh. Remna leh muanna tichhetu a sawi kan ni ang” (p. 215). Kan tawrh tur ang zawng zawng karah pawh, Bonhoeffer-a chuan, mihring chu hlau lo turin min ti a, Mihring kan la hlauh che u chuan, Pathian kan hlau tawk lo tihna a ni a, Pathian tih tak tak chuan, mihring a hlau tawh lo a ni a ti.

A thentawp berah chuan, kohhran chungchang sawiin, Ringtu mimal tinin Lal isua kan zuina kawnga kohhran mawhphurhna leh tihtur a sawi a. Kohhran chu Leia Lal Isua taksa hmuh theih a ni tih sawiin. (p. 259), he a ngaihdan vang hian kohhran inrelbawlna leh inthunna a dahsang em em a, Thu emaw thiltih emawa rinnaa kan unau a lo tlu a nih chuan, kohhranin thununna leh zilhhauna a lekkawh ngei tur a ni, a ti a ni. (p. 290). Kohhran chuan khawvel thilte a do ngam tur a ni a, ringtu kal dik lo, ram hot ulu ber pawh nisem a thununin a sawisel ngam tur a ni a ti a ni.

A ZIAKTU: Dietrich Bonhoeffer-a kha German pastor a ni a, rawngbawltu ropui leh huaisen zet mai a ni. Theologian thiam chungchuang a ni a, nazi vanglai hunah huaisen takin a dodalin a sawi sela, man a tawk a, an tihlum ta nghe nghe a ni. A lehkhabu ziak leh ama nun pawh hi a inhmeh hle a ni.

Bonhoeffer-a an tih hlum laia a mit lo hmutu chuan, hetia hian a sawi, “ Pastor Bonhoeffer-a chhuata  thingthi a, a thinlung leh tih tak zeta a tawngtai lai chu ka thlir reng a..CHu mihring duhawm tak mai tawngtai lai chuan, ka thinlung chhungril a fan vang vang mai a ni. Pathianin a tawngtai kha a lo ngaithla a ni tih amah khan a hrechiang e mem a ni Amah an tihhlumna hmunah pawh chuan, dawhsan a lawn hmain tawite a tawngtai leh a. Chumi hnu chuan, kailawnah chuan a pen chho a, zam hmel reng reng hi a pu lo a, muang dam dapa ke penin a hlau hauhlo a ni tih chu a chiang em em a ni. Reilote hnuah a thihna chu a lo thleng a. Kum 50 chhunga daktawr hna ka thawh chhungin, Chutiang reng renga Pathian kuta innghat pumhlum chunga thihna hmachhawntu chu ka hmu hauh lo a ni” tiin.

A thusawi hnuhnung ber chu, “Hei hi chu tawpna chu a ni ngei mai, ka tan erawh bultanna chuah a ni e” tih a ni.

Lal Isua kan zui avang hian kan neih, ro sum leh pai leh kan nunna hial pawh kan chan a tul thei a ni.

“I kristian nun khan, Ringlotute pawh Pathian an rinlohna a rinhleh tir hial tur a ni”

GARIBALDI -F. Vanlalrochana


Hlawh ka tiam thei lo che u a, Chenna hmun ka tiam theilo che u a, chaw pawh ka tiam thei lo che u. Riltamna, Tuihalna, Peihloh chunga hmalam pan luih tirna, Indona leh Thihna chu ka tiam thei teh meuh mai che u .A hmu ni lo a, a thinlunga a hnam hmangaihtu chuan mi zui rawh se.

Mizo fate kan inpumkhatna tur leh kan in unaua kan insuihkhawmna tura Brig.T.Sailo hma lo lak tawhna te, ZORO te thleng pawhin ka ngaihtuah chhuak fo a. Chutiang erawh chu ka ziah tum a ni lem lo. MZP-in ZOfest a buatsaih thinin a thil nghawng hrang hrang a taka hmutu ka ni a, a hlutzia pawh ka hmufiah viauin ka hria. North Eastern Police Academy-ah mizo hnahthlak unaute Manipur atangte an Police service a lut a, rawn training ve te an awm ve a. Chungte nen chuan, kum khat zet kan training ho a, Passing out parade ah te pawh “Cheraw Kan” kha show angai  a. A khawng tur mipa kan indaih loh avangin, lawm takin an rawn khawng ve mai a. An titiah pawh, Zofest a an tel ve thu te sawiin an tuipui hle thin. Chutiang zawng zawngte chu ziah ka tum lem lo a.

Italy ram insuihkhawm leh dan chanchin te, Germany insuihkhawm dan chanchin te hi a ngaihnawm em em mai. Garibaldi-an Italy insuih khawmna tura hma a lak dan te hi a ngaihnawm hi ka ti thin. Garibaldi-a chanchin hi han sawi ka duh a ni.

A CHHEHVEL THU: Rom Lal ram ropui tak mai kha, ram pahnih, Khawchhek lal ram leh khawthlang lal ramah te an inthen darh a. Khawthlang Lal Ram a lo tluk chhiat hnu chuan, Ostrogoth ho hnuaiah te, Lombard ho hnuaiah te, Byzantine ho hnuaiah te an kun chho a. A hnuah chuan Frank ho hnuaiah te pawh an kun chho ta zel a. Italy ram chu lal ram te takte, Khaw pakhat lek lek ang deuhin an lo tla darh ta a. Austria Lalna hnuaiah an kun a. Italian Independence War tum hnih (1848-49 leh 1858ah) an bei a. Heng hun lai hian Garibaldi a hi rawn lang tan ta a ni.

Hetia Italy ram an han tlakdarh tak nuaiah hian, an hnam dinhmun chu a tha lo ta hle mai a. An thu leh hla thiam ten theih tawp chhuahin, Ram leh hnam hmangaihna chungchang an han au chhuah pui tan ta a.  Dante AlighieriPetrarchBoccaccioNiccolò Machiavelli leh Francesco Guicciardini te hian an thawhhlawk hle. Machiavelli hian, a lehkhabu “Prince’ tihah pawh khan, Italy ram suihkhawma, Hnam hrawmhraw te laka chhandamtu tur an mamawh thute pawh a ziak a ni.

Heng an thu leh hla thiamte thu tlangaupui avangte, an ram hruaitu Nationalist ruh tak tak te avangin a chunga kan sawi tak war of independence te hi a lo chhuak chho a. Mi thahnemngai ten an han beih tak tak chuan, 1861 chuan Italy ram mumal tak a lo ding leh thei ta a ni.

Heng zawng zawngah hian Garibaldi chu a thawhhlawk hle a ni.

Garibaldi hi  July 4, 1807 in Nice, France-ah a lo piang a. An chhungkua hi sangha mantu leh tuipui kama sumdawng thin an ni a, a ni pawh kum 10 zet chu sangha mantuah a tang a. 1833, khan  Piedmont-Sardinia lalram lawng sipaiah a tang a. Russia Ram pana lawnga an zinnaah Mazzini zirtirna a tuipui tan a. Democratic-Republican sawrkar din a, Italy ram insuihkhawmna chu a damchhunga a tuipui ber a lo ni ta a ni.

South America rama tualchhung indonaah te a zu tel ve zak zak hnuin, 1846 chuan Italy ram boruak vang chuan Italy ramah a let leh ta a. Hetih lai hian Italy ramah chuan Nationalism meipui a vung chhoh tan lai mek a ni.

Lal neih duh lo(Republic) mah ni se, 1848 a Italian Indepdence War-ah chuan, Sardinian Lal, charles Albert chu theihtawp chhuahin a pui a. Ama mimal duhdan chu dah boin, Lal chu a puih chuan, Italy ram chu an insuih Khawm hma zawk dawnin a hria a ni. Heti Laia Garibaldi a nun atanga kan zirtur pawimawh tak mai chu, a ma mimal duhdan leh thuvawn (Principle) chu Lal neih loh (republic) a ni a. Mahse, Italy ram a hmangaih a, Italy chu insuihkhawm se a duh avangin Sardinia Lal lamah chuan 1848 Indonaah pawh a tang a ni. Keini chuan kan ram leh hnam ai chuan kan mimal duhdan leh lawmzawng hi kan dah hmasa thin a. Keimahni hi kan indah tha phal thin lo.

1848 Indonaah hian Garibaldi te lam hi an chakloh avangin Garibaldi chuan Italy ram chu a lo chhuahsan leh ta a. USA ah kalin New York ah a khawsa a. Hemi pah hian Tuipuia sumdawnna hrang hrang a buaipui.

1854 chuan, Italy ramah a kir leh ta a. Hun engemaw chen chu Lo neiin a hun hmang a. 1858-ah Italy zalen nana Indo tum hnihna a lo chhuah leh takah chuan, Garibaldi chu Major General atana ruat a ni a. Alps tlangah awmhmun an khuar a.

Hemi indonaah pawh hian, ama mimal duhdan chu Republican rilru, lal neih duhlohna rilru mah ni se, Italy ram a hmangaihna avanga insuihkhawm a duhna chuan, ama mimal duhdan a dahthat tir a, Lal te lamah a tang leh ta a, Sardinia lal Victor Immanuela chu a pui a ni.

1860 chuan Volunteer Sipai tlemte nen Sicily lal ram a hneh thei a. Chu chuan, a hming a chher hle a. Khawvel huapa ngaihsan a ni ta a ni.

Sicily a hneh hnuin, Italy ram chhungril zawk a luh chilh ta a. A kalna a iangah chuan Mipuiin an lo lawm hle zel a. Naple lal ram a hneh leh a. Rom khawpui pana, Italian republic din hia a rilruah awm mah se, ama dinhmun leh a sipai te dinhmun a ngaihtuah a, piedmont sipai tam tak mai chu a innghahna an ni bawk a. Rom lam chu pan zel loin, October ni 26, 1860 chuan, Victor Immanuela hmaah a ngunhnam dahin, Italy Lal angina chibai a buk a.

“Pathianin Italy ram chu  Victor Emmanuel-a a pe ta a ni. Italian zawng zawngin amah chu an tan tur a ni a. Victor Immanuela kiangah chuan kan innghirnghona zawng zawng kan paih boa ng” tiin a sawi nghe nghe a ni.

A hnu lamah pawh Democratic Republic sawrkar din tumin, Italy-ah te, USA-ah te, France ah te a bei zel thung a. Heng te hi a chhinchhiah tlakna lai chu a ni. Democratic-Republic sawrkar neih tuma a nunna thap si chuan, Italy ram a hmangaih em avangin, an ram dinchhuahna leh insuihkhawmna atan chuan Lal neih hi a tha zawka a hriat avangin Charles Alberta te, Victor Immanuela te a pui leh tlat si a ni. 1860-ah a duh chuan, Lal thutthleng pawh chuh ve thei reng siin, A hmangaih Italy ram tana tha ber nia hriain, Italy ram enkawlna chahbi chu Italy ram bung pakhata te ber maia an lal Victor Immanuela kutah a dah leh hmak si a ni.

Garibaldi kha mi rinawm leh nun tlang tak, hmingthanna, larna, ropuina leh thuneihna duh reng reng loa sawi a ni thin a. Hemi a mizia leh indona a hnehnate chuan mi tam tak ngainat a hlawhtir a. A thiltiha a tih tak takna te chuan, mi tam tak Italy insuihkhawmna tuipui turin an rilru a hneh a ni.Ral rel thiam chungchuang, Indo mi thei tak mah nise, Indona nghawng thalo te chu a hmuh chian avangin, a hun tawp lamah phei chuan, indona reng reng hi a duh ta miah lo a ni.

Garibaldi a te hi an ropui mange. A hmangaih Italy tan chuan amah a indahtha thak a, A duhdan a dah tha hmak a. Italy tana tha tur bera a hriat angin a theih tawp a chhuah a. Ama duhdan kalhin hialin a che a ni.

Mizo hnam insuihkhawmnan hian Garibaldi te ang hi kan mamawh a ni. Mizo hnam insuihkhawmna dah pawimawh tu ber kan mamawh. Mahni Politik kailawn atana hman tum, mahni ngaihdan leh duh dan paihbo tum miah loa tang tung te nen chuan Insuihkhawmna hi kan hlawhtlin pui hauh lo ang.

1882 khan kum 75 mi niin a thi a. Camillo Carvour, Victor Emmanuel II leh Giusieppe Mazzini te nen, Fathers of The Fatherland tia sawi thin an ni.


“We preferred our own way of living. We were no expense to the government. All we wanted was peace and to be left alone”
-Crazy Horse (1840-1877)

United States ram ropui tak hi, Min go ho an pem luh chiam hmain, kan hriat than tak Red Indian an tih thin, a hnua American Indian te an tih, tunah phei chuan Native American an tih takte hian an lo luah thin a.

Pem lutte nen an innek a. A tlem zawk, hmanrua nei tha lo zawk leh hnam dang zia hre tlem zawk Indian ho kha a tawm zawkah an tang a. Kum za tel erawh chu, mi ngo leh vun sen ho inkara in nekna kha a awm a ni. Native American te hian hruaitu ropui tak tak Red Cloud,Spotted Tail, Sitting Bull, Quannah Parker, Crazy Horse, man afaid of his horse leh Geronimo leh mi ropui tak tak an awm a.

Tun tumah chuan Crazy Horse-a chanchin hi tawitein kan sawi dawn a ni.
Crazy Horse-a hi Sioux indian hnam zinga mi, Oglala hnam peng a mi a ni a. A pian hun tak hi hriat chian ni lo mah sela, 1840 bawr vel ni a ngaih a ni.

Pa ze zawi awi tak mai a ni a. Oglala Sioux hnam hi zai leh lam ngaina tak an ni a, Crzay Horse a kha chu a damchhung zawngin a zai lai hreawm an awm reng reng lo a ni. Indona an hmachhawn dawn erawh chuan, a naute ti nuiin fiamthu a thawh thin a. Khuaa a awm chuan, naupang te reuh reuh te te bak a be ngailo a ni. Oglala pasaltha ropui berte zinga mi leh Indonaa hruaitu ropui a ni.

Battle of The Hundred in the hand (Fetterman Masacre), Wagon Box fight, Great Sioux war (1876-77)-ah te a meizang hlaptu leh hruaitu a ni a. A taka hmututen a huaisen zia an hrilh fak a ni. 1877-ah Sioux Hnamte hian amah chawimawinan Last Sun Dance an nei nghe nghe a ni.

A mite humhimna atan US army hnenah a in pe a. A inpek kum vek, 1877 September thla hian a inpekna hmun Fort Robinson-ah US Sipaite’n Indian hnamte US nena an inbeihnaa hruai tura a kir leh an hlauh avangin an tihlum ta a ni.
Native American Statesman tam tak, Red Cloud, Spotted Tail, Geronimo, American Horse leh mi dang tam tak chuan, US sawrkar do zel kha awmze awm dawna an hriat loh avangin, Inremna an siam pui thuai a. Mingo nun dan lain, hmun hrang hrangah an zin a, thusawiah sawm pawh an hlawh hle a ni.
Crazy Horse-a hi chu, a tawp thlengin a tang a. Min go nundan a la duh hauh lo a. A inpek chhan pawh, a hote hnam himna tura tha zawka a hriat avang chauh a ni. A inpe tak nain, ama thua inpe a ni a, Indonaah a damchhungin chaklohni a nei lo a ni. US Army chaktak pawh khan, an tukdawl zolo a ni.

“Leilung hi dimdawi takin hmang ang che u, Kan nu leh pate hnen atanga kan rochun a ni lo a, ka fate hnen atanga kan hawh a ni zawk”

“Mipuiten an ke nghah chhan atana an hman tawh ram chu mi tumahin an hralh tur a ni lo”

“Mi ngote hian vawi engzat nge an thutiam an bawhchhiat dawn?
Engang chiahinnge in hriatrengna hi a that loh a, an thutiam chu in pawm leh mai thin le.

Vawiina an thutiam hi nimina an thutiam nen danglamna eng awm?”

“Tawrhna karah leh, tawrhna piahlamah hian, vun sen hnam hi an lo la dingchhuak leh ang. Chu chu, Khawvel dam lo, thutiam bawhchhiatna khawvel, mahni hmasialna leh inthennaa khat, Eng thlahlel khawvel tan malsawmna a ni ang”

Tih sawitu hi khawvel pum huap pawha, hnam chaklo zawkte awpbet emaw awp beh tumtute beihletna kawnga entawn leh ngaihsan hlawh a ni.

US Sipaten an bayonet-a an chhun a, a lo thih dawn pawh khan, Min go khumah a mu duh lo a. Chhuatah a mu lui tlat a. Mingo sipaten an dinhual thap a, a hnukchah an nghak ta ringawt mai a ni. A han thih chuan, a ruang an khuhna kawmawl chu, a micanjou Indian thianpa, Fit sarih zeta sang, Touch the Clouds a chuan a kawk a, “Hei hi crazy horse a chawlh hahdamna chu a ni” a ti a.

Ian Frazier-a chuan Great Plains tih buah chuan heti hian a ziak a. “A chanchin tlangpui han thlir pawhin, a ropui zia a hriat a ni. A pian atanga a thih thlengin ‘Amah’ a ni reng a. A nihna a hloh hauh lo a ni. A in pe (surrendered) na a, vawikhat mah Indonaah chaklohni a nei lo a, Sipaite kutah thi mah se, a damchhung zawngin an man (capture) lo a ni. Hnam thar leh an nun dan lo (Civilization) lo kal a duhlohna te chu awm tak a ni. Khawvel hmun hrang hranga mi tam tak ang lo takin, mi ngo a hmuh khan, a inngaih hniam phahin, a inngaih tet phah hauh lo a ni” tiin a ziak a ni.

South Dakota-a Black Hills hmunah Carzy Horse a hriatrengna an siam a, an la siam zo lo na a, an siam zawh chuan Fit 563 a sang, Fit 641 a hlai a ni ang.

He’ng thu ka ziah lai hian, the Last resort tih hla, Eagles sak chu ka ngaithla a. Don Henley leh Glen Frey-a te phuah a ni a. Don Henley-a tha thawh a tam zawk a ni awm e. Eagles Album, December ni 8, 1976 a an release ‘Hotel california’-ah a tel a. A kum leha an album tih chhuah, Life in the fast lane side B-ah an telh leh bawk a ni.

Zan a rei ta, sana inkhawng ri chauh lo chu thawm dang a awm ta lo. Mizo hnam hmalam hun ka ngaihtuah a, He’ng thu hi ka ziak ta a nih hi.

She heard about a place people were smilin’
They spoke about the red man’s way,
how they loved the land
And they came from everywhere
to the Great Divide
Seeking a place to stand
or a place to hide



Thuhmahruai: Titi Khawchang Blog ka siam tirh a, ka rilrua awm ber chu, Mizo Thu leh Hla lam kaihhnawih internet lama hmuh tur awmlo lutuk chu tlema ka lo tih zia awm theih takin tih a ni a. Ka blog post tam zawk chu, Literature lam kaihhnawih a ni a. Literature lam nilo pawh ka hma tel tho a.

Ka Thianpa Lalengzuala zarah, Blog ngawta tawp loin, Domain ka han lei a, web hosting thlengin kan han buaipui a. Titi Khawchang Blog mai niloin, Titi Khawchang website a lo ni ta hial a ni. Chutiang chuan, Kum hnih emaw chu kan lo kalpui ve ta reng mai.

Tun tumah hian, Hla phuahthiam Siamliana chanchin kan sawi dawn a ni. Tripura lama awm a ni a. Siamliana hi Tlangsang khua mi a ni.


1871 hmalam kha chuan, British hoin Tripura leh Mizoram inrinna atan hian, Dhalleswar lui (Sairang) an ring thin a. 1872 na Vailen Vawikhatna hnu atang khan, Longai Lui (Langkaih) lamah British ho khan an sawn thla ta a. 1874 khan he ramri hi pawm ngheh a ni a. Tripura reng lal kha Mizo lal te’n an run nasat thin avangin chumi dan na atana an tih chu a ni. Hemi hnu lam hi chuan, Tripura run chu an basan ta deuh a ni awm e.

Tripura ramah hian Hmasang atangin mizo hnathlahte an lo khawsa tawh thin a. Chulam erawh chu, sawi thui lo mai ila. A thlang tla hmasa te nilo pawh, British hoin Mizoram an awp hnuah pawh pem an awm ve reng bawk a ni.

Hetiang ka han sawi lan kherna pakhat pawh a chanchin kan sawi tur Siamliana pawh hi Tripura mi chu a ni na a, Mizoram atanga chhuk thla zinga mi a ni.

1904 khan Serhmun atangin Suakpuilala fapa Dokhuma chu a khuate zin 150 nen Reng ram an lut thla a. Zampui leh Sakhan kal pelin, Darlawng phaiah Hmuntha khua an din a. Heng zingah hian Siamliana te chhung pawh an tel ve a, kum 10 mi a ni tawh a. Kum 6 hnu lekah hri leng vangin Zampui tlang lam an chuan leh a, Hmawngchuan Khua (1910), Behliangchhip Khua (1915), Vanghmun Khua (1920), Hnunpui Khua (1924) leh Tlaksih khua (an dinkum ka hre lo) an din a. Kum 1912 khan Bunghmun atangin Hrangvuanga hoin Kristian in 70 chu zampui Tlanga Phuldungsei hmunah an chhuk a. 1915 khan Tlangsang khua an din a. He mite vang hian, Dokhuma khua, Behliangchhipah Kristian an lo awm ve ta zel a ni.

Heng Kristian te kilkawi tur hian, HK Bawihchhuaka fapa HK Dohnuna kha a chhuk a. Tlangsang khua atang hian a enkawl ta a ni.

1913 Zoram harhna kha chuan, a la nuai lo a ni mai thei a, 1919 harhna kha chuan a nuai tawh a. 1919 harhna khan hla phuahthiam ropui tak tak a hring a, Patea, Kamlala, VZ Huala, Taivela, Zasiama, Thanhera, Siamliana te ho kha.

1919 harhna khan Tripura mizo fate zingah pawh hla phuah thiam a hring nual a. Siamliana (Tlangsang), Laiaii (Zopui), Liana (Bawng ram tirhkoh), Zaliankhawli (Mauro), Suakthuama (Tlangsang) te.

SIAMLIANA CHU: Siamliana hi 1894-ah a piang a. A pa chu Kairum a ni a, Kairuma hi chenkual Lal hnuhnung ber a ni. A nu hi Rochhingpuii a ni, Kum 1 lek a nihin a pain a thih san a, a nu pawh kum 5 mi a nihin a thi ve leh a. A u Lalthantluangi choin an khawsa pui tling ve ta mai bawk a.

1931 khan Thingtam vangin Tlangsang atangin Kawrthahah an pem a. Hetah hian Kohhran Upa atana thlan a ni. Kum 6 an awm hnuin, Vaisamah, Mamit bulah a pem leh a. Chu chu Tlangsang atangin Ni hnih kal a ni.

Kum 1927 khan natakin a dam lo a. A thenawm te’n an kan nak nak a. Thawklehkhatah che chang loin a mu ta vang vang a. A rawn tawng chhuah leh hmasak ber chu, “Vanram” tih a ni. A tawng chhunzawm lehnaah chuan, Angelin a chettlatna khua leh a chhehvel ka ti thim ang tia a rawn hrilh thu a puang a. He a thusawi hi an hre reng lem lo a. Kum 1962 May ni 16 chawhnu dark hat velah chuan Zampui tlang chhim lam chuan, thlang lam atanga khaw dur lo let but but mai hi an hmu ta a. Chu khawdur chu Zampui tlang a thlenin a invawrh chho a, ni  a khar a, khua a thim ta mup mup mai a. Thli a thaw hum hum a. Ran an chi ai a, ar an lawi a, laltin chhit a ngai ta hial a. A tirah chuan khaw dur satliahah an ngai a. A hnu lama an hriat leh dan chuan, Zampuiah pawh Phuldungsei leh Behliangchhip chauh a lo thim hi a lo ni a. Chhaklamah Mamit leh Vaisam vel a han thim leh bawk a. Siamliana thusawi kha an hre chhuak leh ta a, “Ka thih dawnin Angel ten khua an ti thim dawn” a tih tak kha maw le, an ti a. Khaw thim a han kiang a,

“Thihna tuifawn chuan  min hual vel a,

Thlan hruizen chuan min valh hnan thin;

Pathian tam tak ko mah ila, min chhang si lo,

Lalpa lo chu tunge ka kulhpui nghet?” titu Siamliana Chenkual chu, Thawhlehna ni ropui Nghak turin a lei taksa chu Kohhran hoten thlanah an zalh ta a ni.


A hla phuah hun chhung hi 1921  atanga 1944 September inkar niin a lang a. A hla phuah hmasak ber chu.Ani chu an hnenah a awm a, tih a ni a, a hnuhnung ber chu Doral a zual maw? Tih a ni. Hriat theih chinah hla 28 a phuah a, a hla thu hmuh theiha awm chin hi hla 26 a ni.

A hlate zingah hian, “Ani chu an hnenah a awm a” “Enru, an khaikang hmelmate’n” tih leh “Van hmun ropui pelin” tihte hi kan hriatlar ho an ni awm e.

Zairemthanga, Behliangchhip-in Chiang taka Siamliana chanchin a lo chhinchhiah a zarah Siamliana chungchang hi chipchiar zawkin kan hre thei a. Siamliana’n a hla hmasa ber a phuah dan hi, Zairemthanga sawi dan ang ngei hian I han ngaithla teh ang.

“ Kum 1921 October thla khan Fianrial tawngtai turin a kal a. Hla phuahtu a nih tur hi hriatna a nei a. He fianrial tawngtaina a neih atang chiah hian a rilru a lo danglam tan a, a lung a leng ta hle mai a. Chuta tang chuan, amahin a tla fal ta fo a. Amahin a sawi dan chuan, Thupuan bu hi tunhma pawhin a lo chhiar fo a. Mahse, hemi tuka a chhiar leh chuan, hlaah siamah a it ta tlat mai a. Thupuan bu pum hi hla a siam theih niin a hmu a…” Hetih lai hian, harhna athleng chho a. Hlim takin krismas an hmang a. Rev. HK Dohnuna’n “Lalpa Thlarau kan hnenah a awm a, A mite min ensan lo ang, thlarau tuihalte chuan, nunna tuikhur ami a thlawnin I in ang u” tia a puan thin chuan, a rilru a hneh hle mai a, Thupuan Bung 21:3-a, “Ani chu an hnenah a awm ang’ Anni chu A mite an ni anga” tih lai behchhan hian a hla hmasa ber, “Ani chu an hnenah a awm ang” tih chu a phuah ta a ni.

“Ka nihna in hria a, Siamliana irawma chhuak a ni lo a, Siamliana hmanga Pathian thiltih a ni” tia  hlate  chungchang sawitu Siamliana hi Reng ram ti eng tura tirh a ni a, Ramri daidan theih lohin a tisa leh a thlarau emaw, a hlate-ah pawh, kan ta tih theih vek turin a awm a. Siamliana chu kan zingah a awm tawh lo a, kan hmu leh hunt ur chu tlanna niah a ni ang.

“Misualte chu Krista zarah,

An leng ang, Chu ni tla seng lo ramah chuan,” a tih hmunah chuan, min lo nghak a ni.



Tun tum chu, Mizo Tlangval te’n Indopui Pahnihnaa an tel vena chanchin kan sawi dawn a ni. Assam Rifles-ah te tangin Indopui pahnih hmachhawn a, ral hma tawnga awm pawh an awm ve teuh a. Heta kan sawi tur ho chu, Lushai Scouts ho bik an ni ang.

Indopui Pahnihna a lo chhuah khan, Jack Longbottom chu, Sipaiah koh kir a ni a. Sargeant rank pek niin, Coldstream Guards zingah training petu a ni. Duynkirk hnuah chuan, Indona hmuna kal a duh ta zawk a. Sandhurst atangin Commissioned Officer a zawm a, West Yorkshire Regiment zingah a tel ve ta a ni.

Jack chu First Burma Campaign,1942 khan Brig PC Mandarin-a hynuaiah Adjutant a ni a, a ni khan a hnuah Lushai Brigade Commander a ni zuita a ni. Brig PC Madarin-a hnuaia aa wm lai hian Military Cross a dawng nghe nghe a ni.

March 1944 Jack-a chu rawlrala che tur sipai din a, train nghal tur a tirh a ni a, chung a mi kaihhruaite chu Lushai Scout tih zui an ni ta a ni. Mizorama kal vang vang a, sipai 400 zu la a, train nghal tur chuan, a hunlai khan tirh tur an tlem hle a ni. Khatih lai khan, Japan sipai te chuan, Chin Hills-a tiddim an thleng tawh a. Kohima leh Imphal bawrah an inbei ulh ulh tawh mai a ni. Lushai Scout te chu, guerrilla anga hman tur mah ni se, sipai pangai (regular troops) ang chiaha train tur an ni, tiin Brig PC Mandarin chuan thuchhuah a siam bur mai a ni. Ramhnuai Indona bik thiam em em tur an ni a, hman raw awm mang lo ache sawn zung zung thei tura train tur an ni bawk. Kawng danga sawi chuan, tunlaia ‘Special force’ kan tih ang hi an ni ber mai.

Jack-a chuan relin ni 10 a kal a, a hnuah ke tea kalin, Aizawl a thleng ta a. sabengtung a hruai bawk a. Tah chuan, Assam Rifles hoin training an lo pek mek sipai platoon khan a zu hmu a, a hnuah Sipai lakbelh turin Biate a pan zui ta a ni.

A tir lam chuan, chutianga sipai pawl thar han din chu, hotu lian lama remti lo an awm a. Mahse, an kaltlang pui ta tho a ni. Brig. Marindin phei chuan, Lushai Scouts chu “Slim’s Own” tiin a sawi thin.

Mizo tlangval te chu kum 18-20 inkar an ni a,. Indo tura han train te chu an phur em em mai. Ramhnuai a piang leh seilian an ni a. Ramhnuaia chettlat chu an pianpui ve reng a ni a, an awlsam hle. Tlangvalte chuan an pawl chu an chhuang em em a, Jack Longbottom-a chuan, an hotute-ah rinna nei turin a chher a, a pawimawh ber chu, anmahni inrin tawkna nei tura a chher kha a ni.

May 1944 chuan, Lushai Scout te chuan, Chin Hills-ah patrolling an nei tan der tawh a, indona an hmachhawnna hmun tura an train thei nghal chu an vannei em em mai bawk a ni. August 1944-ah Kaptel hmunah Company khat chu kal tur an ni a. Fur khawchhe karah mel 80 lai kea kal tur an ni. ‘Tui’ Lui an thlen chuan, an kal kai thei ta lo a. Lei indawh kai chu a lo chhe vek mai a. Thing an kit chawpin, mau an sat chawp a, lei an dawh chawp a, an thlen hun turah Kaptel chu an thleng thei a ni.

Suangpi khua-a Japan Bunker luhchhuah thu: Company Sub.Ralkapa hovin Suangpi an bei ta. Platoon khat sipai 38 hruaiin an kal ta, khawvar hma dar 2-ah an insiam peih a, an tawmkhurah chuan kut bomb Sub.Ralkapa chuan a han vawm lut zauh a, Japan santiri kha thingpui a in a lo ni awm a, puakrang kha a rawn chuh a, mahse an lo la hman a, an in vaw rawk rawk hlawm a, santiri pa chu, a hreibatah an vit hlum ta. Japan chu an tawlh zel a, a thlangah chuan bunker tha tak tak hi an lo la nei a, bomb an vawm leh, an vawm fuh thei lo hle a, sipai Rfn. Sangkaikhama chuan, ‘Ka pu, loop hole-ah bomb ka zuk thun anga ka zuk luhchhuak tange’ a ti a.

Sub.Ralkapa chuan bomb a han paih a, a puah veleh Sangkaikhama chuan an tawm khurah chuan bomb a thun a, Japan ho chu an rak ta chul mai a, an tlan chhuak a, chungte chu an kap zawt zawt a, Rifleman Lalbela (Kepran khua) a awm bawk a, a ni pawh hi a huai em em a, a che tha em em bawk a ni.

Japan sipai chu an tawlh hret hret a, chu veleh Sub.Ralkapa chuan, ring tak maiin, “Mizo tlangval advance Japan hmaah kan zam ngailo” a han ti tuar tuar a, haw haw in an beiin an nawr zui a bomb in an vawm a, silaiin an tlir zawih zawih a, an thi mang ta deuh thaw a, tlem te chu tlan chhuak awmin an hria, an bunker an lak fel hnu chuan an han inen vel a, mi 4 chu hliam an awm ve a, tumah thi an awm lo. Hliam te chu– Hav. Thangkhawzama, Hualrokhuma, Thangruaia leh Hrangdawla te an ni, a mak hle mai Lalpa venhimna an dawn a ni.

Japan thi chu an en vel a, mi 14 chu an hmu thei a ni. Hliam an awm nual bawkin an hria a chungte chu an insaseng thei a ni.

An Sub.Ralkapa chuan huaisen zual leh che tha zual Sangkaikhama leh Lalfela te chu a recommend angin huaisen chawimawina tangkapui M.M. (military medal) an hmu ve ve a ni. Kan Mizo sipai te hian theuneu lo teh a sin, hmelma bunker tehan luh chhuah riap mai zawng Mizo tlangval Lushai Scout (Biate sipai) te hian huaisen zia te hi kan theihnghilh phal dawn em ni.

LT.Lalhmingliana, mi huaisen:

Brigadier Sap chuan, “Hmalamah Japan an tam mai a, tunge kal ang, enthla turin,” a han tih chuan thih huamin Lt. Lalhmingliana chuan kal a tum ta a, sipai 2 hruaia civil mi angin an inthuam a, huai takin mel 50 thlengin an vak an vak a. Khawpakhat atangin Japan sipaite chuan intawlhchhuak a, an en thlithlai reng a, kawng sir atangin.

Japan kal liam hnu chuan sai an thawmhnaw phurtu 12 lai mai chu sai pute nen an lokal duah duah a, sai pu hnungah Japan sipai an awm an ring a, mahse an awm lo hlauh a, an din tir a, an pute nen chuan, an kir tir leh ta a. Hetianga an bungruate nen an han man rup thei te hi a ropui a, Brigade H.Q ah an thlen a, Headquarter pawh an lawm hle a, chawimawina ropui tak dawng tur a ni a, Lt.Hminga chu. Mahse an C.O hian Pu Hminga chu a recommend duh tlat lo a, Lushai ho, C.O hian a dem naah Lt.Hminga hian an thlavang a hauh nasa an inhnial viau a chuvang chuan C.O chuan a recommend duh lova, engmah a hmu ta lova, sipai ho pawhin an khawngaihin an vuipui em em a ni. Tin, Brigadier pawh hian a bodyguard atan pawh Lushai Scout section khat a rawn dil nghe nghe a ni. An huaisen zia hi sipai hotu lian tepawh hian an hrechiang em em a ni. Lushai Scout ngat, amah vengtuah a thleng a ni, an huaisen avangin.

Lungshe inkahna: Japan ho pawh advance in an kal ve fo a, intawh chang te an nei thut thut thin a. Japan sipai advance a lokal leh Lushai Scout te chu an intawk ta thut mai a, Bren-gun Pu L.Nk Chhawnlova leh Japan sipai sa tha nel nawl chu Chawnlova nen chuanan insual ta chiang chiang mai a, Chhaw Continue reading LUSHAI SCOUTS CHANCHIN


Kan hnam hruaitute mamawh tak chu Nation building lama hriatna thuk tak a ni.

India ramin min awp mah se, hna kan thawh that duh phawt chuan hnam anga zalenna thui tak kan nei a. India ram chhunga awm siin mizo hnam ropui tak kan siam thei a ni. Chutiang tur erawh chuan a fawng chelhtuten an duh a, an tum a, an beih erawh angai a ni.

Beih a, tih kan tum loh fo thin avang hian Political mandate pawh kan nei zolo fo bawk a. Political Mandate nei pawhin tumna an nei lo emawni tih tur a ni thin.

Europe ram leh America ram dinchhuah dan te leh nation builder ropui tak tak an nei dante pawh sawi tur a tam a. Chhiar tur pawh a tam mai.

Khawchhak lam hi kan culture, values leh hmel pawhin a mil zawk a. Khawchhak lamah Asia mi nation builder ropui tak tak kan nei. Lee Kuan Yew, General Park Chung Hee, leh Deng Xiaoping. Denga te pawh hi Chairman Mao hnu mah nise, tunlai china dinchhuahna chu amah hi a ni thui hle.

Lee Kuan Yew-a phei chuan Nation building kaihhnawih a ziak a. Ama chanchin ni tel bawk. From Third world to First tih a ni a. Paragraph khatnaah pawh insak dan hrilh thei che leh engine siam dan hrilh thei che lehkhabu chu a awm. China, British India leh Dutch Eats Indies atanga pemkhawm te atanga Hnam din dan chu a bu la hmu lo a. Eizawnna pa chhe tak atanga mipuite chawm dan bu pawh ka la hmu lo tiin a ziak nghe nghe. Chutiang dinhmun atang chuan vawiin Singapore hi a hruai thleng a ni.

Mizo fate pawh hi kan duh phawt chuan hnam ropui tak kan ni thei a ni. Kan duhlo erawh a ang thin. Hnam corrupt tak, ruihhloin a tih buai hnam, mipui zaa sawmnga hna hmulo awmna atang pawhin hruaitu tha a lo chhuak thei a. Hnam tha leh zahawm takah a chhuah thei. Chutiang chu kan nih ve theih lohna chhan tur a awm lo.

Hnam tha leh ropui takah kan indin thei a. A man erawh kan pek ve kan inhuam angai.


(Finance Minister atana Manmohan Singh thlanna thu kha ka sawi tawh a. Tunah chuan, India ram economy tlu chhe tur chhanchhuahna leh siamthatna kawngte kan sawi dawn a ni. USSR economy a chhia a, ram tam takah an keh darh a. India pawh hi, 1991 khan economy tlu chhe tak tak se, enge a dinhmun tur hriatthiam.a har hle.Prime Minister Narasimha Rao a hnathawh hi a ropui em em a ni)

Chutichuan, Narasimha Rao-a sawrkar thar chu 1991 June thla khan lakluh a lo ni ta a. Sawrkar thar chua harsatna namenloa tawk a, India ram chu chhe rup thei, buai nuaih nuaih thei a ni. FOREX reserve-ah kar hnih daih chiah, Import atana pek tur a nei tawh a. A dawt chu, Loan defaulter nih a ni. Chu thil chu a zahthlak em em a ni. Narasimha Rao- hian, 2004 a Walk the talk-ah pawh, ” India in a honour a chan dawn a…Chu chu a rapthlak lutuk a ni” tiin a sawi, Hetianga India in sum lama nasa taka harsatna a tawh chhan hi kawng lian tak tak pathum a awm a.

A chhan bulpui ber chu, Nehruvian Socialism kha a ni a. Chu chuan Nget angin India ram chu a ei char char mai a ni… Continue reading INDIAN ECONOMY CHHANCHHUAHNA LEH SIAMTHATNA KAWNG


Mizo Hnam chanchin hreloin, Mizo Thalaite an thanglian nasa ta hle mai. Mahni hnam chanchin hriatlohna hian kan than chhoh dan kawngah nasa takin nghawng a nei a. kan rilru put hmang pawh thuk takin a nghawng a ni.

Mizo te leh British ho Indona hi a indawta han ziah tarlan chhoh ka tum dawn a. Kim chang tak chuan a tarlan theih dawn loh a. A tlangpuiin, a series ang deuhin ka han ziak lang dawn a ni.


1. An lal te la awm lai rengin 1865 atangin Tripura hi an thut tan.
2. Assam ram thingpui huan hi 1841 atangin an thut tan.
3. Cachar Thingpui huan hi 1853 atangin an thut tan.
4. Shillong hi 1864 khan British Assam Province Capital atana siam a ni.


1. Col. LW Shakespeare-an, History of the Assam Rifles, tih a ziahah chuan, Eglish Officialin Mizoram chhim lam a tlawhna hmasa ber chu, 1800 kha niin a sawi. A tlawhtu hmasa hi, Chief Engineer, Mr Rennel a ni a. Heng lai vela chengte chanchin pawh hi a ti chhuak hmasa ber a ni.
2. RG Woodthrope-a chuan, Lusei te an hriatchian tanna chu 1840 vel niin a ziak a. Hetah hian, Lallal leh a fate , tlang hrang hranga lal chanchin a ziak a. Hei hi, Lallula leh a thlahte chungchang a sawina a nih hmel.


1. Mizo te hian ram chin nia an hriat hum halh an ti na hle.
2. An ram chin nia an hriata ram ngaw humhalh an ti na hle a, humhalh chu an tih makmawhah an ngai.
3. Rallak sum duh vang hrim hrima an run tum a awm bawk.


1. 1826 kha Mizoten British awm ram kan run hmasak berna niin a lang a. Palian Lal, Lalrihuan Sylhet phaia cheng vai ho a run chiam mai a. “Massacre in the plain sylhet” tiin Mackenzie-a chuan a ziak hial a ni.


A bak hi chu, Ni dangah chhun zawm leh atan dah tha ta ila a tha awm e. Tum khata a thui deuh chuan kan chiar peih tawh lo thin.

Thil lang chiang tak mai chu, Mizo te hi mawl leh a hiat hiat tak mai anga keimahni la insawi fo ching kan awm thin hi, kan lo ni lem lo tih hi a ni a. Chu chu kan thil sawi turah pawh a lo lang chho zel dawn a ni

Kan Pipute an tei an tei a, hnam dang an zu hmu a “Mihring an lo la awm ve” an ti a, an run ta a, tia kan lo inhrilh thin ang kha a lo ni lo tih kan hmu chho zel ang a.

Indo thiamna leh huaisenna (in terms of fighting abilities)-ah phei chuan, British ho khan an dah hnuai bik hauh lo a ni tihte pawh kan la hmu chho dawn a ni. Tun tum atan chuan tawk phawt mai teh se.